Artesizer is a film calculator. It was meant to help you determine how much film you need based on available roll sizes.

Enter the dimensions in centimeters [1m = 100cm, 2,5m = 250cm]

If several items have the same size, enter their number in the quantity box

To add a surface to the calculation press "Add new element"

You can delete everything by pressing "RESET"

Once finished, press "CALCULATE" and you will be able to view the result

For more information on the quantity to order click here

When you decide to renovate your kitchen with Artesive films you will have to first understand WHAT you want to renew. Basically the calculator takes into account the texture pattern of the our films with vertical direction, lengthwise as it is basic. Below you can indicate the values based on the element you wish to renew


If you want to renew the fronts, for example, you will have to decide whether to do only the front or the back. To simplify the calculation we have included an option that adds a suitable margin if you want to apply the edges too because as we always recommend if you decide to make the edges I should still apply the film for at least 2 / 3cm also on the back. If you want to renovate the back as well, you will need to recalculate the surfaces but excluding the edges.


For the sides the same rule applies as for the fronts. Indicate whether you want to apply borders as well or just the front


To calculate the countertop you will need to measure the width of the countertop and the length. If your top has particular shapes you will always have to consider the widest side as the measurement. If you have several parts, for example a 90 ° plane you will have to divide into 2 parts and enter the data for each part. We have included an option in case you want to make the edge of the worktop as well.


In this case you can decide whether to obtain an application in a single continuous laying or if you want to replicate the tiles using our Tily. However, the calculator calculates both options. Consider leaving a margin of bleed on all sides from the total of your measurements.


To calculate the necessary film, you will also need to consider the direction of any grain. We have grouped these elements together as they normally need a much smaller width than the standard and usually don't need too much bleed.


To calculate the necessary film, you will also need to consider the direction of any grain. Currently the calculation is made for the grain in the vertical direction as well as in the nature of the roll.