Artesizer is a film calculator. It was meant to help you determine how much film you need based on available roll sizes.

Enter the dimensions in centimeters [1m = 100cm, 2,5m = 250cm]

If more elements have the same size, enter their number in the quantity box

To add a surface to the calculation press "Add new element"

You can delete everything by pressing "RESET"

Once finished, press "CALCULATE" and you will be able to view the result

When you decide to renovate your table with Artesive films you will have to first understand WHAT you want to renew. Basically the calculator takes into account the texture pattern of the our films with vertical direction, lengthwise as it is basic. Below you can indicate the values based on the element you wish to renew


You can renovate a simple table or a table made up of several parts. For example a table with an "L" shape it will probably have to be divided into two parts. You can add a new part by pressing the button "Add new item".


Table legs can be complex, in such cases it will be difficult to apply the adhesive film. Here you can choose between two types of simple legs. If the legs are oblique but have a simple structure, the following cases still apply.
ATTENTION: At the moment the veins are calculated only in the vertical sense
NOTE: for cylindrical legs you can measure the circumference with a tailor's tape measure or the diameter with a normal tape measure.


If there are other parts you want to calculate please enter the dimensions in this generic section. For example, a drawer that is part of the table or desk.